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Love Speaks Today


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If you are yearning to grow in your relationship with the LORD and hear His multi-faceted voice more clearly, this Series is for you!

The Love Speaks DVD set includes the seven episodes (Episodes 8-14) in the Love Speaks Season 2 television series (as seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network) along with more stories and Bonus Features not shown on television.

Each film is a journey through salvation-history to find God's multi-faceted voice for a modern generation, and each episode will equip you in a new "way" to enjoy continual contact with Him.

Includes the following Episodes,

Episode 8, "The Fire & the Hammer"

Episode 9, "Christ in Mouth of Friend or Stranger"

Episode 10, "Visions of the Nations"

Episode 11, "I Dreamed a Dream"

Episode 12, "Christ the Warrior King"

Episode 13, "Holy Coincidence, Batman!"

Episode 14, "God Goes to the Movies"

SPECIAL NOTE: All 14 Episodes of both Seasons 1 and 2 can be accessed & purchased in digital format at our Digital Store if you prefer streaming them to your devices.

Testimonial: In the afterglow of watching these Episodes, I was elevated in the Spirit to a place of serenity and calm, caught up in the richness of Christ's glory path as it was walked out over the decades, and is continuing to be revealed.

What amazing stories you wove of the mighty men and women of God who influenced generations, dedicating themselves to Christ and living for him.

From cinematography to animation to locations, the stories took on a reality filled with excitement, purpose and direction.

Blessings to all you are impacting, Nancy

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